Diamond Ink. Co. WorkDiamond Ink Co. Collection

Diamond Ink Co. created absolutely beautiful labels for their ink and mucilage products back in the late 1800s and early 1900s.  I have several original and unused labels from ink bottles.  The colors and patterns are so vibrant they make the typography pop right off the paper they were printed on.

The two larger pieces pictured are works that I’ve created.  I wanted to depict a bill head design and do a much larger vintage label suitable for framing.  I’m still looking for the perfect frame as I’m about at antique and flea markets. By Keith Tatum on August 5, 2013


These are pages out of Cassell’s Illustrated Almanac from 1882. Lots of great ads from all sorts of industries- printing presses, sewing machines, gout remedies, brandy, paints, watches, kettles. They take being a “one stop shop” to a whole new level. Most ads seems to be for shops in Paris and London. Via Land of Nod.

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